What is Myndpage?

Myndpage is a new web service which has the fabulous dream to connect people with the same way of thinking.
No we are not asking you to answer a ton of questions about the world. Or what you hate. Or what you like. Like so many other websites that claim that they can help you find other people with “similar interests” to your own.
No, we are coming back to the root of things in the most simplest form; Language. Your language makes up who you are. It is your ability to describe the world as you see and feel it.
There are as many meanings to a word as there are people in the world. This is exactly why there are so many communication problems all the time between us.
But we can deal with it. Because we still have some common values between individuals. Hopefully at least. But can we make it even better?
With the help of today’s technology, maybe.

Why are we so different?

As I said, we are not like the other websites which claim to find people like you. We are not using what you supposedly like or don’t like.
Let me explain why these systems are totally flawed.
Let’s say Alice likes movies. And Bob too. Do you really think it’s sufficient to say that they will love watching films together?
Of course not. Ok, let’s say get more specific. Alice likes romantic movies. And Bob too. Again, do you think it’s sufficient to draw some conclusions?
We can of course go deeper, and deeper and deeper, with their favorite romantic movies, their favorite actors. Ok stop. That’s enough. We are not going to question them forever, right?
What is a romantic movie for Alice? And Bob? That’s the real question. How do they even think “Romantic”, and “Movie”. Maybe Alice only watches old black and white romantic movies. But maybe Bob thinks romantic movies as blockbusters with gorgeous actresses.
But more than that, maybe Alice lives and breathes for the seventh art, but for Bob, it’s just something he, “likes”, the type of things you do to kill time you know.
I hope you now understand what the problem is. We are all thinking the words in our language. There is a difference between the thinking wired in your brain and the language you use to express it. Because this language is always limited. You are putting a meaning on words that is different from that of your peers. And they interpret it differently from you.
So here is the big flaw. When a website is asking you what you like, how can it even know that you are thinking about what they have in mind? And how can they know what you mean by “liking”.
Of course, they can make the system better and better, with more and more questions. And more and more precision. Try to imagine how many questions these guys will have to write. And you, you will have to answer.

So how does it work?

Pretty simple. Tag all the words in your language of choice (you can even do it in multiple ones).
Associate a word with 4 others. We like to call this action “to mynd”. But you are free to call it as you like.
Why 4 words? Simple. We think it’s the perfect balance between the surface of your thinking and the deeper one. The first 3 words are usually very fast to come out of your mind. This is the direct association you make everyday in your life. And the last one, the fourth, takes more time. It’s deep in your brain. It can, for instance, be relevant to your past. This last word is the key ingredient to find people with a really similar thinking. Maybe people who shared the same past.

Myndpage is only asking you one question. “How would you tag this word?” . That’s all. And we will never ask you more than that. Why? Because the principle of questioning is flawed. The way the question is asked, the way the question is written, with very specific words, can change everything on the answer.
We don’t want to interfere with your thinking. Never. Because, of course, we want you to find people really like you.
Let me explain more in depth. We will use a pretty simple example.


Let’s say we tag the word “People” with “Communication”, “Friendship”, “Ants” and “World”.
Pretty cool. But do we really know what you are thinking of when you think “People”? No. Because what’s Communication for you? What’s ants? And more than ever, what’s Friendship to you?
You got it. You will mynd these words too.


Of course the more you mynd the closer we get to finding people like you. So the idea is to upload your thinking. To digitize it in the most beautiful way. With the minimum of interferences, just the links between the words in your brain.

How Myndpage aims to change everyone's life.

Right now our human social networks have always been naturally constructed. By our genes and our actions.
Now we have multiple Internet Social Networks. People are digitizing their real life social structure.
We want something else. Something which has never been done before. We want, not only to drastically accelerate the processus of human social networking, but also to make it more harmonious.
Human social networks spread good and valuable things. Love, Kindness, Happiness, Altruism, and more than ever, Ideas.
We know that each additional happy friend increases a person’s probability of being happy by about 9%. Try to imagine a world where all your friends are your best friends. A world where you are in perfect harmony with your contacts.
A world where people with similar thinking can be connected, can share their ideas, and make it a better place to live.

So now, I really don’t understand why you are still reading. I think you understood that it’s a gift to humanity. Go. Find true friends.
Just mynd it.

David Hagege
Myndpage Founder

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